Thursday, February 8, 2018

What I've learned since moving to D.C. (some of which should be obvious):

6301.  Perspective and choice are something every human can change;
6302.  Apparently, you can pay ½ has many (frequent flyer) miles for a flight 2 weeks before your departure;
6303.  As soon as your application is approved, the clock starts ticking for credit card sign-up bonuses (. . . not when you activate the card);
6304.  Converting hotel points to airline miles is (generally) not a good value;
6305.  $.02 for every (frequent flyer) mile/point is a good value;
6306.  Only 52% of all flights are shown on the internet;
6307.  To get the best hotel (room) prices, you should call the (actual) hotel and talk to the manager on duty;
6308.  Your travel and accommodations should be based on value and not (necessarily on) cost;
6309.  Resort fees can be waived by the hotel (manager);
6310.  You should write (and mail) a “thank you” letter to the (hotel) manager, who gave you a special deal and/or rate;
6311.  State department travel advisories are selective.  They never had any travel advisories when Ireland had frequent car bombings;
6312.  You should only worry about traveling to places where the government doesn’t have control;
6313.  Apparently, more Americans die in bathtub accidents in a week than they do traveling overseas in a(n entire) year;
6314.  Don’t book cruises on a ship’s inaugural season.  They’re usually booked solid so there won’t be any deals/discounts.  Book cruises with ships that are 3-5 years-old;
6315.  Cruise ships go to over 1,100 ports in the world;
6316.  Apparently, Amtrak has over 500 stops;
6317.  Apparently, a direct flight from Las Vegas to Hawaii or Phoenix to Hawaii can be a lot cheaper than a (direct) flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii;
6318.  Apparently, Lisbon(, Portugal,) is becoming known for its food. . . . Seven new Michelin starred restaurants have opened in the last year (i.e., 2017);
6319.  If you have a medium or long-haul flight (either roundtrip or one-way) or if your final destination is the Azores, Madeira or Algarve, you can stop off for 1-5 nights in Lisbon or Porto(, Portugal,) for free, if you fly TAP Air Portugal (;
6320.  According to (the “Travel Detective,”) Peter Greenberg, the Faroe Islands is the best place to see the “Northern Lights” (i.e., Aurora Borealis);
6321.  Apparently, Baja California makes some great wines.  They export 75% of their production to France;
6322.  Rwanda is the only country where you can see mountain gorillas and the big five game/safari animals (i.e., lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, elephants and the African/Cape buffalo);
6323.  Apparently, Asunción (the capital and largest city) is a good place to visit if you’ve never been to Paraguay.  It’s a nice introduction to the country and (the) culture;
6324.  Never buy travel insurance from the travel provider;
6325.  A good place to compare and buy travel insurance is InsureMyTrip (;

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